Regardless of whether you have a modern or traditional fireplace or fireplace fascia, you will need the right fireplace accessories to properly manage and clean your fireplace.

$455 Less 20% $364
$465 Less 20% $372
$995 Less 20% $796
$465 Less 20% $372
$179 Less 20% $143.20
$129 Less 20% $103.20
24" $129 Less 20% $103.20

27" $143 Less 20% $119.20
$179 Less 20% $143.20
   Original Legs $130
$1100 Less 20% $880
Ivory Marble hearth
$450 Less 20% $360

Sneddon’s Restoration Supplies has an extension range of finely hand crafted Austral, Federation, Californian Bungalow, Edwardian and Victorian fireplace accessories for period homes, as well as fireplace accessories for more modern homes.


Our range of wood fireplace accessories include fireplace grate log holders, brushes, tongs, dust pans, fire baskets, firescreens and other fire tools. Whether you need fireplace accessories for an open fire, a slow combustion wood heater, a cast iron fireplace fascia, stone fascia fireplace, or wood firebox insert, we’ve got the tools you need to safely maintain your fireplace.


Sneddon’s Restoration Supplies stocks fire log grates for cast iron fireplace fascias and stone fascia fireplaces that will last season after season and also make for a nice additional piece of décor for your fireplace. We can also help you organise your firewood with a fireplace grate log holder as well as providing cleaning tools that will help you keep your fireplace tidy. No matter what you need for your fireplace, we’re sure to have exactly what you need in store.


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If you require wood, fireplace accessories for your modern style fireplace, or Californian Bungalow, Federation, Austral, Edwardian or Victorian fireplace accessories for your period home, contact Sneddon’s Restoration Supplies today. Call our store in Tottenham or submit an online enquiry.