Contemporary fireplace mantel décor has become very popular due to its aesthetically appealing and timeless design. Contemporary fireplace mantels and surrounds can make any room feel warmer and cosier. They emit a certain type of soothing glow that very easily puts people in a good mood and helps them to relax after a long day. The beauty and warmth of a contemporary wood fireplace simply cannot be matched.

Grosvenor Mantle - Extra wide with Cow P
Grosvenor Mantle
Raw Victorian Arch Carved Mantle
Grosvenor French Polished Mantle

If you want to become the owner of a beautiful and sophisticated contemporary fireplace mantel, Sneddon’s Restoration Supplies is here to help you. All of the contemporary fireplace mantels and surrounds we have in stock are the best on the market and are available in Victorian, Grosvenor and Riversdale styles that can complement the style of your home.


Sneddon’s Restoration Supplies has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing contemporary fireplace mantels and surrounds for Melbourne based customers who want a timber fireplace mantel that’s perfect for their home. Feel free to visit our showroom in Tottenham to speak with one of our team members who can assist you with finding the right contemporary fireplace mantel for a reasonable price.


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